Public Transit Champion

Mary Fragedakis believes investing in our public transit system is the key to reducing congestion on our roads & the TTC. It is also critical in our efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Mary has always been a strong advocate for the Relief Line and believes it is Toronto's number one transportation priority. Mary does not support the one stop Scarboroough subway extensions as she believes an LRT network would serve that community better.

She supports the King Street Pilot and believes we need to develop other innovative transit solutions.  For example, we should review the Select Bus Service in New York City and determine how we could use that model to improve express bus service in Toronto.

She was also an early supporter of Regional Express Rail and improving connections between it and the TTC at places like Main/Danforth station to offer commuters better alternatives.

Mary has been a leading advocate for the Hop On Hop Off transfer policy on the TTC. She moved the successful motion at TTC Budget Committee that led to the new two-hour TTC transfer policy on PRESTO, which will be available to all when PRESTO completes its roll-out in 2019. During the City budget process, Mary has moved motions to increase funding for bus service on overcrowded routes and to improve subway reliability. 

Active Transportation

Mary is a strong advocate for active transportation and complete streets.

She supports improving cycling safety, installing bike lanes and the City's Ten Year Cycling Plan. Council passed her motion to have the Danforth Avenue Major Corridor Study done with a Complete Street Lens - that is, looking at the needs of all users of the Danforth including pedestrians, seniors, people with mobility issues, cyclists, motorists and transit users. She championed the cycling and pedestrian safety improvements implemented recently on Bayview Avenue.