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A sample of some of the news coverage of Councillor Mary Fragedakis.

It’s Still Summer. So Why Are Toronto Outdoor Pools Closed?

Councillor  Mary Fragedakis (Ward 29, Toronto-Danforth) put forth a motion asking city staff to look into ways to beat the late-summer heat. read more

Tackling Overcrowding on the TTC

Councillor Mary Fragedakis’ motion to add $2 million to the budget to help ease overcrowding on the TTC passed 36-6.  Read more on the CBC website.

East End Police Stations Seeking New Home

Mary Fragedakis, quoted in the Toronto Observer, said, "Community involvement is a vital step in this process of choosing a new station location.

“It’s really important that the public be part of the discussion around where that should be, since they’ve decided to merge the two divisions,” she said. 

Time Based Transfer on the TTC

Councillor Mary Fragedakis moved a successful motion at the TTC Budget Committee to have TTC staff to investigate whether time-based transfers can be implemented across the TTC. Subsequently a new two-hour transfer policy was adopted by the TTC Board and City Council. Read more on the CP 24 Website.

East York Flag to Fly on Street Signs across Former Borough

City Council voted 26 to 11 to approve the use of the 1967 East York flag on street signs in the former borough. Read more at the Bayview News.

How Toronto Could Become a Destination for Tourists Who Love to Run

City councillor Mary Fragedakis wants Toronto to develop a marketing plan to sell the city’s races and marathons. Read more on the CBC website.

Telecoms Should Unlock FM Radio on Smartphones, City Councillor Says

This CBC article highlights Mary Fragedakis efforts to get City Council to support this important campaign, supported by FEMA  (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) in the US.

U of T Scarborough Roundtable on Food Security

U of T Scarborough explores how urban agriculture intersects with social justice. The conference featured a variety of speakers including Kristin Reynolds, author of Beyond the Kale, and Toronto Councillor Mary Fragedakis, along with members of various community organizations like Black Creek Community Farm, Toronto Urban Growers and AccessPoint Alliance.

Read more on the University of Toronto’s website.

Improving Subway Reliability

“I think we owe it to subway users. I know they’ve put up with a lot of subway closures, they’ve put up with no air conditioning on subway cars, they’ve put up with trains too full to get on in the morning and other delays,” said Mary Fragedakis, quote in the Toronto Star. Mary moved a motion to find the $1.2 million for the subway reliability program, which TTC CEO Andy Byford told council would help cut down on track-related subway delays by up to 30 per cent.

East York Neighbours Worried about  Development

Councillor Mary Fragedakis said she’s been working with both sides to try and find a compromise but it’s still a matter of going through due process with the city’s zoning department.

“The people in my community, they’re not NIMBYs,” she said. “They are interested in smart development. Things that fit into the neighbourhood.” Read more on the Global News website.

Community  Murals to Tell the Stories of East York

On Sept. 22, the East York Community Centre was the venue for an “East York Mural Community Consultation.” The participants talked about turning the big south wall of the building into a colourful — and meaningful — work of art.

The organizers included East York Neighbourhood Initiatives, VIBE Arts, East End Arts and Mary Fragedakis, the councillor for Ward 29/Toronto-Danforth.  Read more at the Toronto Observer.

Painted Posts Brighten Underpass at Historic Todmorden Mills

This Sunday Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis along with city officials and members of local arts organizations unveiled a multi-part mural at the Pottery Road underpass beside the Todmorden Hills Heritage Site. The event was attended by an intimate group of community members as well as hikers and bikers passing along Pottery Road.  Read more and see pictures of the murals at the Urban Toronto website.

Let’s Grow More Farmers’ Markets

“Information about procedures, permits, fees and regulations is often incomplete and inconsistent,” Councillor Mary Fragedakis wrote in a letter to the committee. “Many markets trying to establish themselves are forced to navigate different city divisions and processes . . . without the reliability of a consistent streamlined process.”  Read more in the Toronto Star.

Public Markets – Farmers Markets & more

From the CBC – Councillor Mary Fragedakis sows seeds for new farmers’ markets city-wide

From Metro News – Toronto looks to cut red tape on farmers markets

Daycare to Open in Place Of Troubled Bar Cloud Nine Café on Danforth

“We envision the building full of children who are learning through play, through their own inquiry, through music,” said co-owner Maggie Moser, a retired TDSB teacher.  Read more at the Toronto Star website.

Danforth Café Where 3 Murdered Shut; Location to be Child Care Centre

City councillors say “community has finally been heard” as bailiff seizes controversial establishment. Read more in the Toronto Star.

Montreal, Toronto call on federal government to put Canadian woman on country’s banknotes

In a recent letter, Councillors Marvin Rotrand of Montreal and Mary Fragedakis of Toronto called on federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau “to provide a clear signal to the Bank of Canada and to the Royal Mint that addressing the lack of female role models on Canada’s money is a priority for the Government.”

An online petition, created by Victoria author and historian Merna Foste,  calling on the Bank of Canada to “add women from Canadian history to our banknotes as soon as possible” has generated more than 64,000 signatures since it was launched two years ago, drawing support from Margaret Atwood and Kim Cattrall. Read more at on the National Post’s website.

Women Appearing on Bank Notes Would Pay Off

Toronto city councillor Mary Fragedakis introduced a motion to city council this week requesting that Toronto ask the Bank of Canada to adorn its bills with faces of women.  Read more in the Toronto Star and Metro News.

Helping Tenants Cope with the Heat

From Metro News – Toronto landlords denying tenants air conditioning: councillor and Sweltering Toronto tenants still wait for maximum heat law. From the Star – City councillor putting the heat on landlords with push for temperature-control measures

East End Arts

East End Arts was initiated after the City of Toronto’s 2011 Creative Capital Gains Report recommended creating a Local Arts Service Organization (LASO) for the east end. LASOs are community arts organizations in Toronto that promote the arts at the local level, making them part of the daily fabric of community living.Read more at the Toronto Arts Foundation website.

This Garage Graffiti Project in Toronto Is Simply Stunning

Take a walk through some alleyways in Toronto and you could see garage doors that rival what you’ll find in art galleries.

A Reddit user posted photos from a few such garages that have been decorated with beautiful graffiti in the Pape-Danforth area in the city’s east end. The murals were created as part of a project promoted by Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis, which gave artists permission to paint murals in laneways on Eaton, Woodycrest and Langford Avenues.

Read more and see some wonderful pictures on the Huffington Post website.

Power to the Highrise People: Should Blackout Generate New Laws?

City councillor Mary Fragedakis, who visited many highrises in her hard-hit Toronto-Danforth ward, says she was “very alarmed” at the plight of so many without heat or light.

“I believe the minimum requirements are not sufficient,” she wrote in an email that detailed the relevant sections of the building code. Read more on the Toronto Star website.

Outdoor Skating Rinks Now Mostly Closed, Despite Continued Cold

"Last week, Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis successfully pushed a motion through council to keep the Dieppe Park rink in her constituency open for three more weeks, at a cost of $25,000." Read more on the Toronto Star website.

Helping Canada’s Indie Music Scene

"Late last week, Toronto city council unanimously passed a motion called 'Strengthening Toronto’s Music Industry – Requesting the Federal Government to extend the Temporary Worker Fee exemptions for musicians.' The motion, written by Councillor Mary Fragedakis, basically aims to cut around the new government regulations by expanding exemptions to include 'all venues, including bars, restaurants and coffee shops.' "  Read more at BlogTO.

Veteran Crossing Guard Wins Battle For East York  Crosswalk

Councillor Mary Fragedakis (Ward 29) said that Jack Aldred, the crossing guard at the intersection of Mortimer and Carlaw for the past 23 years, spearheaded the project. Read more on the Toronto Observer website. Read more about Navy Veteran Jack Aldred on the Toronto Star website.

City Hall Bike Station

Councillor Mary Fragedakis moved a successful motion at the Government Management Committee to get the City Hall bike station back on track. Read more at the Toronto Star.