Liveable Neighbourhoods

Community Consultation

Mary Fragedakis believes community consultation is the key to liveable neighbourhoods and is a critical democratic practice. She has organized and supported numerous stakeholder and working groups, community meetings and online community consultation where possible. Mary’s work resulted in formal processes like the Broadview Avenue Planning Study and the TTC's Second Exit Location Working Groups. Mary is a hands-on councillor who engages directly with residents to solve problems. This includes establishing working groups for every development application and simply meeting with concerned residents and City staff onsite to review, firsthand, community concerns.

Broadview Avenue Planning Study

Shortly after amalgamation, the part of Broadview Avenue generally between Danforth Avenue and Hillside Drive was designated for intensification in the City’s Official Plan. Unlike most other streets so designated (as "Avenues"), Broadview is somewhat disconnected from Toronto's overall road grid as it is surrounded by the Don Valley on two sides. Mary Fragedakis successfully requested an Avenue Planning Study to give local residents a greater say in the Planning review process for Broadview Avenue. That study's extensive community consultation developed an Official Plan Amendment and guidelines that address how new development will complement the existing built form, identify opportunities for public realm improvements and create a vision for the community that connects it with both its history and the nearby Don Valley ravine.

Prosperous, Vibrant Main Streets

Dynamic retail strips are one of the keys to safe and vibrant neighbourhoods. They are the heart of a community. Sadly, there are  property tax policies that undermine the success of our main streets. Mary has pushed for changes to those policies. She's also requested the City's Economic Development Unit to develop programs, like Digital Main Street, that help strengthen these local businesses.

Road Safety

Mary Fragedakis has supported the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, and has worked to ensure the plan is properly funded. She has helped local residents navigate City processes to make road safety changes in their neighbourhood. She moved a successful motion to increase funding for these initiatives in 2018 to avoid year-long delays many such projects experience. She has supported cycling safety initiatives and has recently raised concerns about cyclist safety when the TTC runs buses on streetcar routes along heavily-cycled streets like College and Dundas.

Mary supported Toronto and East York Community Council’s decision to lower the speed limit on local neighbourhood streets to 30 km/h. The Toronto Medical Officer of Health has pointed out lowering speed limits save lives and would have further health benefits by encouraging more walking and cycling.

Rail Safety

Days after the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, Mary moved a successful motion calling for the federal government to take serious action on rail safety. She has been a leading advocate on this important issue at City Hall and is now on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group.

Community Safety

Community safety is a priority for Mary. In addition to organizing a number of community safety meetings over the last eight years, she is a member of the 54 Division Community Police Liaison Committee.