Local Parks

East York Rotary CommonDSC_3858

Mary Fragedakis got a call several years ago from Nancy Hawley,  a wonderful woman and active community member who has since passed away.  They discussed turning the abandoned parking lot at Cosburn and Donlands in a parkette. The space has had a sordid history as an ad hoc parking lot and sadly a refuse dump. 

Mary worked Sept. 22, 2015; Toronto, ON, Canada: at the Rogers Centre.with WoodGreen Community Services, the East York Rotary Club, the East Yorker Condo and City staff from varous departments to make this parkette a reality.

These gardens and benches will serve as a community gathering space that will foster walkability in the neighbourhood.

Though Nancy will be missed, this beautiful parkette will serve as a testament to her commitment to her community.

Dieppe Park

When the Dieppe Park Ice Pad came up for state-of-good-repair work, Councillor Fragedakis asked City staff to consult with the community to develop a space that better served the local community. 


The result was an enhanced pleasure skating circuit, a better building and some designated storage for community groups.

As part of that work, a new refrigeration plant was installed so the Dieppe Park Artificial Ice Rink now meets the capacity requirement of the report along with all other requirements.Subsequently Councillor Mary Fragedakis moved a successful motion at City Council to have the Dieppe Ice Rink be one of the City's rinks that stay open later in the seasons, weather permitting.This led to City Council extending the season for ice rinks across Toronto.

In 2017 a large evergreen tree was installed and Councillor Fragedakis began organizing an annual Christmas Tree lighting for local families.


Dog Off Leash Area - Coxwell Ravine Park

At the request of local residents, Councillor Fragedakis asked the Parks Department to create a new dog off-leash area (DOLA) in Ward 29.  She asked them to see if there was an appropriate space in Dieppe Park or any other parks in the ward.

City policies limit where these DOLAs can be placed. After an extensive search, City staff recommended a site in Coxwell Ravine Park. It is accessible by foot from O’Connor Drive and by car from Don Mills Road – there’s a parking lot.


Neighbourhood Parks Improvements

Councillor Fragedakis held meetings with residents about how to improve our local parks. So we’re making changes. Below is a list of improvements made this year. There will be more enhancements made next year. Councillor Fragedakis looks forward to working with the community to continue to improve our parks and green spaces.


  • Built new pergola with a seated area    
  • Resurfaced the splash pad    
  • Planted more trees and put in new turf
  • Installed new children's play equipment


  • Created a commemorative garden in memory of a community member who passed away tragically.    
  • Upgraded and increased lighting in the park    
  • Planted more trees in the park


  • Made park more inviting by removing barbed wired fence
  • Planted more trees
  • Planted more flowerbeds and repaired turf in the center of the park where old logs were.  


  • Planted more trees    
  • Painted park benches


  • Added new plants    
  • Re-sodded the park    
  • Upgraded planters    
  • Rejuvenated shrub border and wood chipped all trees and beds.    
  • Added new equipment storage box, provided hoses and sprinklers.