❝As a former Mayor I know moving things forward on City Council takes a very special skill set – Mary has that. She is a progressive voice who has the ability to work with others to tackle critical issues like climate change and affordability.❞

Michael Prue
Former MPP Beaches East-York & former Mayor of East York

❝Mary Fragedakis has been just a tremendous community builder in our home Ward of Danforth, helping our individual communities become some of the most sought after places to live in the GTA. We are excited that the new Ward boundaries have her now running in Leslieville, where our business is located. We know that she can bring her dynamism and tireless work ethic to help elevate all parts of Leslieville to make our community safer and more vibrant. She is super smart and has been trusted to help lead the TTC and many other important City of Toronto committees, yet you still see her every day in our home Ward working with citizens and businesses. We like having a local councillor who works as hard as the rest of us.❞

Peter Zakarow and Kristin Matthews
Owners of Tom&Sawyer in Leslieville

❝Mary has a fantastic voting record on City Council. She's a great listener and brings a refreshing approach to working with the community.❞ 

Joe Murray
Grandview Avenue Resident, Riverdale

❝We are impressed by Mary’s commitment to the environment. She has deep roots in our community and cares greatly about it. She understands what makes for a successful neighbourhood. She has a great track record listening to her residents and working with them to improve their neighbourhood.❞ 

Terry and Bruce Brackett
Leslieville Residents

❝Mary's participation in the City's Aboriginal internship program meant I got to work in her office.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity for me and I saw firsthand how much Mary cares about issues like equality, inclusivity, affordability, youth recreation and student nutrition.❞

Joleine Kasper
Ryerson Student


❝Mary is liked and respected by other members of Council. This helps her get support for programs that are important to her ward, such as the two-hour TTC transfer.❞

John Filion
City Councillor, Ward 23 Willowdale


❝It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Mary Fragedakis for Ward 14 Toronto City Councillor. I have known Mary for 20 years as a neighbour, and as a tireless community activist.

Mary’s passion for road safety for bikes, pedestrians and vehicles, as well as for our city’s youth, and an improved TTC, make her an obvious choice for me. She has a clear and impassioned vision for our community, and I want on that bus!❞

Kelly Dyment
East Yorker and Blake St Jr PS Teacher

❝Mary is a role model for responsible representation. She brings compassion, service mindedness, a tireless work ethic, respect for diversity and a gold standard of accountability. Add to that a stellar 8 year track record.❞

Heather Sproule
Children's Mental Health Sector Leader


❝Mary did such a fantastic job on Dieppe Park and the new square at the East York Civic Centre! When I was the Chairman of Evergreen BrickWorks, I truly appreciated Mary’s commitment to the Don Valley and to protecting our environment. I live in her ward and will be supporting Mary again. So should you, she is approachable, dedicated and a lot of fun to boot.❞

George Dark
Chairman Emeritus of Evergreen

❝As a recent University of Toronto graduate it was wonderful to discover a City Councillor with such a strong vision for protecting our environment and dealing with climate change. Mary's passion, work ethic and effectiveness on issues like strengthening public transit and reducing food waste are why I believe she needs to be re-elected.❞

Jude Hadi
Recent U of T Grad

❝Mary is truly Toronto’s food champion. No one has worked harder to ensure that everyone in Toronto has access to safe, affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods. From her championing of the Toronto Food Policy Council to her lead role in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, Mary has made real contributions to the every day lives, everyday diets, and everyday well-being of everyone in this ward.❞ 

Daniel Bender
Director Culinaria Research Centre and Canada Research Chair and Professor of Food Studies, University Of Toronto

❝I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Mary over the past few years in my role as former President of the Home and School Association at R.H. McGregor ES. She also supported me when I started my own business.

We are so lucky to have Mary representing our community at City Hall. She works tirelessly to support the causes of our community and to remedy our problems. I endorse Mary Fragedakis for City Councillor!❞

Amreen Omar
Hillside Drive Resident

❝As someone who grew up in East York, I support Mary because of her intimate understanding and care for our neighbourhood, and for her collaborative and innovative approach as councillor. Mary is a community champion who fosters positive change - for our neighbourhood, and for Toronto.❞

Max Pacheco
Woodycrest Resident


❝I always see Mary out at events listening to residents. She cares deeply about people - their needs and their opinions.❞

Rev. Jim Parker
Bethany Baptist Church


❝Mary is a strong champion for local neighbourhoods, safety and childcare. She’s great at working with the community to make good things happen.❞

Jenny Hinn
Active Community & Chester ES Parent Council Member


❝My family and I have known Mary for decades because she can always be found enjoying the businesses, restaurants and neighbourhoods of Toronto-Danforth.  As a long-time business owner it is reassuring to have a local councillor like Mary who understands our community and grew up here.❞

Chris Antaras
Detroit Eatery

❝I have served as Chair for many years of the Parent Council at RH McGregor.  Mary supported our council and community on numerous occasions - most significantly persevering through the maze of city and policy bureaucracy to have a cross-walk at the school!  The parent and school community recognize that Mary, through this cross-walk installation, has been instrumental and pro-active in keeping our students safe.   This was all done before school safety zones were in the media and at the forefront of Council priorities. 

She can always be relied on to support any and all school and community functions.   She is extremely responsive to e-mail and meeting requests and always provides a balanced response to concerns taking into consideration the various stakeholders and viewpoints.  She clearly knows how to 'get stuff done' in this large, complex city.❞

Sarah Smith
Former Chair Parent Council at RH McGregor


❝Mary understands and values local community traditions.  She appreciates what makes neighbourhoods unique and special.  She has been a strong voice for East York at City Hall and I believe she will do the same for communities like Riverdale and Leslieville.❞

Gordon Piercey
East York Resident

❝Bravo Mary for all the amazing work that you do for our East York seniors.

We know that you are engaged with all the issues for all of your constituents but in particular I have seen firsthand your commitment to helping our older adult population. Thank you for everything you do from the annual Christmas dinner to participating in the events at the local senior centres. 

You are knowledgeable and dedicated and we appreciate having you as our City Councillor.❞

Barb McCutcheon


❝Mary’s commitment to local democracy and her work ethic have made her a very impressive City Councillor. Working with her on a number of initiatives, I see how effective she is at getting things done at City Hall.❞

Alan Redway
Former Mayor of East York


❝Mary is a very caring and effective City Councillor. I met her at a community meeting and told her about a difficult situation I was facing.  She kept working on the issue until it was solved and I am grateful for her support.❞


Arthens Scott
Grateful Senior Citizen


❝Mary is a very community-minded, passionate and energetic person. She has worked hard to keep alive the East York Seniors Christmas Dinner. Mary will make sure East York's voice is heard at City Hall.❞

Raymond White
East York Resident


❝Mary was an integral partner with the renaturalization of the William Burgess ES Bringing Back Nature Project. Time and time again she was there to advocate for us. She is a passionate environmentalist, and knows we have to prepare now to create a sustainable future. It is important that we re-elect Mary.❞

Alexandra Maric-Jones
Director, Bringing Back Nature Project
William Burgess Elementary School