Along the Danforth

Danforth Streetscape Improvements

Mary knows prosperous, dynamic commercial streets are at the heart of local neighbourhoods. She has always been supportive of streetscape improvment efforts of local Business Improvement Areas (BIAs). 

Sadly, previous trees planted in the sidewalk along the Danforth Avenue were not doing well due to how they had been planted. The local BIAs, Councillor Mary Fragedakis and the City's Economic Development unit created and implemented a streetscape plan,  covering Broadview to Donlands, which introduced  tree pits, allowing trees to thrive on The Danforth. The work also included new sidewalks, planters,  shrubs,  trees, more flowers, pot lighting and an Olympic Flame at the Alexander the Great Parkette.

New Subway Second Exits

Councillor Mary Fragedakis support the Ombudsman's report on the TTC's second exit siting process; and the subsequent TTC decision to change course and create a comprehensive community consultation process that has been used successfully  for Chester and Donlands Stations. The process for siting a new second exit at Greenwood Station is currently underway.

These new second exits will make the subway safer and are being built in conjunction with elevators that will improve accessiibility for all at these stations.  These stations will also serve as additional entrances.  This  means Donlands station will have a second entrance at Dewhurst Avenue.

Dewhurst Avenue Linear Parkette

Across the road from the Donlands Subway Station Second Exit/Entrance there will be a new public linear parkette that will serve as a midblock connection to Langford Avenue via the Green P Parking lot. This linear parkette will comprise about 154 square metres located on the north side of 14 Dewhurst Boulevard as part of a new development.  It will be designed to deter disruptive and inappropriate behaviour; mitigate issues of noise and lighting; have a good interface with the ground floor units; and be landscaped - as a part of local residents request.

Langford Parkette & Logan Green Field Improvements

Councillor Fragedakis and City Parks Staff have been working with local residents to develop plans for improving both the Logan Green Field and Langford Parkette. The improvements include specialty lighting, community noticeboard, more trees, benches, pollinator gardens, bike racks and bottle filling stations. 

The Logan Green Space had been previously saved from being turned into a parking lot by local residents.

Enhancing Connectivity in the Corridor just North of the Danforth

Local residents, Mary and City staff have also been working on improving connectivity and safety in the corridor that runs over the subway line, just north of the Danforth. This has involved upgrades to the parking lots and work on pedestrian safety.

One imporant green space in the neighbourhood is the Logan Green Field. In the 2000s, local residents fought to prevent that green space from becoming a parking lot. Mary reached out to local residents about enhancing the space.