East York Community Centre

Childrens Community Garden

The new Children's Community Garden at the East York Community Centre started off as an extension of the gardening program at William Burgess School. It became a collaboration of William Burgess PS, City Parks, Forestry & Recreation staff, the local food bank at Bethany Baptist Church, and the East York Community Kitchen team (Now East York Neighbourhood Initatives). It provides a wonderful learning experience from the youth.

Community Centre Mural

As part of the Cultural Hotspot,  an intergenerational youth art mural was developed and installed on for the East York Community Centre. The mural overlooks the Children’s Community Garden. The 2017 Cultural Hotspot was a celebration of arts, culture and community in East York and east end neighbourhoods.

The mural was developed by All In, VIBE Arts, East End Arts, and Councillor Mary Fragedakis  - wroking with a professional artist and community members.

Community Centre Improvements

Over the last few years there have been many improvments made to the East York Community Centre. The gym got a new floor and a scoreboard. The equipment in the fitness room was upgraded. A new pool viewing area was created.

The Kill It With Kindness Organization donated a Friendship Bench where children and teens may tell staff, volunteers and even other children that they need assistance for bullying.

Rallied the Community to Save the Todmorden Room

Located in the heart of East York, the Todmorden Room is an important part of our community. It serves almost 20,000 residents despite cutbacks to its hours of operation and staff.  Library Service cutback proposals were common at City Hall from 2010 to 2014. When The Todmorden Room showed up a a consultant's report regarding cuts to library service, Councillor Mary Fragedakis organized a community meeting to launcha a campaign to save this important library branch.

Attempts had previously been made to close the Todmorden Room back in 1999. Local residents rallied to save it.