Arts and Culture

Creative Capital Gains

Mary Fragedakis is a strong supporter of arts and culture. As a member of the City's Economic Development Committee, Mary has championed the City's Creative Capital Gains Strategy and increased funding for the Arts in Toronto. From the major shows and exhibits downtown to East York Days at our local Civic Centre, culture infuses life into every corner of the city. Toronto’s arts and culture scene attracts new residents from around the world, draws in tourists, and increases the quality of life for its residents.

Arts & Culture in the Community & Everyday Life

One of the recommendations that came out of the Creative Capital Gains report that Mary was happy to foster was the creation of a Local Service Organization in East York.  In collaboration with a steering group and stakeholders, East End Arts was created.

Its mission is to encourage, in the local community, artistic growth in both emerging and established artists, contribute to the economy and local tourism, promote inclusion and equity, support healthy social change, and help create audiences for the future.

Mary has also been a strong supporter of a variety of mural programs in Ward 29. She is always supportive of the Don Valley Art Club and is a member of the Toronto Music Advisory Council.

Toronto Public  Library

Back during the 2010-2014 term of City Council, Mary opposed the proposed cuts to the Library Budget and was subsequently elected to the Library Board in 2014.

Almost a million people have a Toronto Public Library card which allows them access to a wide range of cultural and leisure experiences, opportunities to improve their literacy skills, enhance their educational and employment opportunities, job hunt and, of course, millions of books, CDs, DVDs, and ebooks.