Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is very hard to find - even for middle-income people - in Toronto.

So, Mary Fragedakis supports the call for building 100,000 new affordable housing units in Toronto over the next ten years and unlocking the value in City-owned land to make that happen. We also need inclusionary zoning polices so every new development has affordable housing units.

Though cranes have filled the Toronto skyline over the last many years, we still have a housing affordability crisis – that is hurting both low and middle-income families.

Mary is committed to investing more in affordable housing and strict inclusionary zoning policies, but she believes we need to do more. The current tools we have at our disposal are not good enough; we need to develop new tools.

If re-elected, Mary is committed to calling for the City’s new Housing Committee to make affordability its number one goal and to develop the necessary new planning tools to do so.

For example, co-op housing has proven to be very successful and provides homes for people with both middle and modest incomes.

We also need to better preserve the affordable homes we have. That’s why as a member of the Tenant Issues Committee, Mary   pushed for RentSafeTO. She has personally gone on apartment inspections in her ward and knows firsthand how important it is that we pressure landlords to keep their buildings well-maintained. As well, Mary supports the Tenants Defence Fund and led the campaign to have City Council add its voice to the call to strengthen rent control.