Experienced Leadership that Listens

Mary Fragedakis – a strong champion of your values at City Hall and a committed & caring local leader!

On Transit, Mary is a strong advocate for the Relief Line and as a member of the TTC Board (elected by her fellow Councillors) was a key champion of the 2 Hour Transfer (Hop On Hop Off) Policy.  Locally, Mary:

  • worked with local residents to enhance safety at key bus stops
  • Brought both the Chair of the TTC Board and the CEO out to see firsthand the conditions on Bloor-Danforth line during the morning rush hour. 
  • formally raised concerns about overcrowding with City Planning Department
  • moved a successful motion during the 2018 budget deliberations that will increase service on the 25 Don Mills, 72 Pape, 56 Leaside and 185 Don Mills Rocket routes in the fall of 2018

On Arts & Culture, Mary has voted to support Nuit Blanche; Pride Toronto; Toronto International Film Festival, Caribbean Carnival & more. Locally, Mary:

  • helped foster the development of a new local arts service organization – East End Arts
  • worked with East End Arts, in 2017, to bring the City's Cultural Hotspot program to East York/East Toronto
  • and East End Arts, in 2018 together, worked to host free concerts, complete with an Artisanal Market & Food Trucks, at the East York Civic Centre
  • has supported and helped develop many mural projects to brighten up our neighbourhoods and to engage our youth
  • worked on community murals in the Logan Green Field, before being elected, with the Broadview Community Youth Group, which she co-founded in 2007

To strengthen Commercial Retail Districts, Mary has supported Pop-Up Shops, Digital Main Street and a Commercial Property Tax Review. Locally, Mary:

  • has worked with local BIAs on numerous civic projects
  • supported strengthening business areas outside of BIAs
  • hosted small-business/entrepreneur training seminars

To enhance the vibrant nature of the Danforth, Mary champions both a comprehensive approach to the Danforth Planning Study and Complete Streets approach to the Danforth Major Corridor Study. Locally Mary:

  • worked with two BIAs to improve the trees and the streetscape elements on the Danforth 
  • championed extensive community consultation for the subway station second exit/entrance location siting process
  • advocated for new approach to the series of public spaces over the subway line north of the Danforth to improving pedestrian connectivity to foster a linear park and including a linear parkette in the new development at 14 Dewhurst Boulevard
  • secured extra funding to improve both Langford Parkette and Logan Green Field
  • rejected TPA's attempts to again turn the Logan Green Field into a parking lot

As a member of the Tenants Issue Committee, Mary was a strong advocate for RentSafeTO. Locally, Mary:

  • requested and personally attended many apartment building inspections with City staff
  • led an education campaign to make sure tenants knew their rights about air conditioning units
  • flyered apartment buildings to let them know about warming centres during the 2013 ice storm

Mary has worked to strengthen Vision Zero and increase funding for road safety measures. Locally, Mary:

  • worked with local residents and schools to implement requests from road safety petitions
  • succeeded in working with residents to get a crossing guard program cancellation reversed
  • reduced speed limit in all laneways in the ward to 30 km/h
  • meets monthly with local City Transportation staff to review road safety issues



Mary supported the City’s new Parks Plan & Ravine Strategies and voted to increase funding for community gardens and urban agriculture - good for the environment and for our health. Locally, Mary:


  • worked with City staff and a Landscape Architect to consult with the community (including the Royal Canadian Legion) to develop plans to revitalize the East York Civic Centre grounds to transform them into the heart of the community
  • succeeded in 'unfreezing' developer money to improve Nesbitt Park and Chester ES school yard
  • supported William Burgess Elementary School yard greening project
  • worked with residents and community groups to create a new Children’s Community Garden at the East York Community Centre
  • consulted with local residents to fix up parks across the ward


As a committed environmentalist, Mary has voted for and voted to properly fund environmental initiatives, like TransformTO. She supports investing in the City’s tree canopy and voted against cuts to the City’s tree pruning budget in 2012. Locally, Mary

  • was pleased to help Jackman Public School's successful campaign to have the City include plastic clamshell containers, and similar materials, in our recycling program
  • worked with residents to launch a Ward 29 Tree Canopy Working Group
  • participates every year in several community clean-ups

As someone who appreciates the community-minded spirit of East York, Mary has campaigned to keep East York's history and identity alive. Locally, Mary:

  • works to keep the East York Seniors Christmas Dinner, East York Canada Day Parade and East York Levee going
  • successfully campaigned to get the East York logo on local street signs and the Civic Centre sign.
  • is the only City Councillor on the Board of the East York Foundation


Mary has a deep appreciation for the value of the Toronto Public Library. She has consistently voted to properly fund the library and has served on the Library Board. She successfully advocated for the City to develop programs to address the Digital Divide that leaves many Torontonians and their children cut-off from the benefits of the internet.  Locally, Mary:

  • organized a community campaign when the Todmorden Room branch at the East York Community Centre was threatened

Mary knows it is important to make Toronto affordable for all - especially families.  She has voted to support childcare, youth recreation and community pools. She organized city wide campaign against increases to sports field fees that would have prevented many children from playing sports. Locally, Mary:

  • Mary worked with local childcare providers to help them cope with challenges created by full day kindergarten
  • helped a new local childcare centre deal with a number of municipal issues
  • advocated for more after school recreation programs and youth camps
  • moved a successful motion at City Council to extend the skating season at the new Dieppe Ice Rink through March Break. This led to City Council extending the season for ice rinks across Toronto